Monday, February 8, 2010

Elite Company

You must make 8 out of 10 to make each team. if you make all of requirements,
you become Puma Team ELITE, or TIGER TEAM ELITE.

(Performing Unlimited Massive Amounts)

1. 50 clean pushups. (no weak garbage.)
2. One 60 lbs curl (clean no body throwing.)
3. Kip to your feet or backflip
4. Hang on an nba rim.
5. Bench 200 ten times.
6. 15 pull-ups
7. 2 minute hang. (from any kind of bar.)
8. 75 hand grips
9. Wheelie a bicycle 4 parking spaces.
10. Reverse 360 layup, (NBA rim.)

TIGER TEAM (Too Initiate Great Elevation Regularly.)

1. One minute hang, followed by ten pullups, continuous.
2. Jump over a shopping cart. (no playschool shopping carts)
3. (2) 60 lbs curls (no body swinging)
4. Dunk on a nba rim.
5. 75 pushups str8.(extra weak garbage)
6. 20 pullups.
7. 100 hand grips.
8. High jump 6 feet.
9. 20 dips..(no shaky weak garbage.)
10. Long jump 20 feet.

-more teams to follow in the future.

All Completion of events must have video proof.

The puma team inventors are not responsible for possible accidents,
strains or physical pain that might and probably will occur as a result of

1 comment:

  1. I'll stick to the KITTEN TEAM (Keeping It To The Evening Naps)

    1) 2 Wake-ups
    2) 12 curls (up with a pillow)
    3) 4 Full stretch